Into the Woods

This shot is looking out into the woods behind my parent’s back yard. Again, it’s hard to believe we had over a foot of snow a week ago and then this past Sunday we had 60 degree weather. That’s why they call it crazy New England weather.

I love how the snow is layered on top of everything. It’s as if the snow outlines the different objects (trees, rocks, branches). I processed this as an HDR image so it would bring out the texture of the bark and the snow on it.

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  1. Beautiful image…so peaceful. Nice detail…good work with the HDR processing.
    We have crazy, erratic southern weather here…sounds the same as your weather, only with a 10-30 degree difference!

  2. I agree about the way the snow is piled up. Creates such a beautiful scene.

  3. Great shot. To me it is always quiet and peaceful outside after a fresh snowfall like this.

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