Thatched Roofs

All that hard work of carving out the planks and it could all be destoyed with a single spark. “The earliest homes were made with thatched roofs. Occasionally, a fire would break out from a spark or ember from the fireplace and catch the thatch roof on fire. Later they passed a law requiring new homes to be built with planks. Most houses had dirt floors, not wooden floors, and each had a prominent fire and chimney area, since this was the only source of heat as well as the only way to cook. ” (taken from Mayflower History)

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  1. Beautiful shot. The desaturation enhances the textures and brings out a lot of details. Very nice !

  2. Wonderful image! I love the sepia tones with the slight hint of color. Amazing clarity and depth as well…really nice work, Jamie!

  3. Thank you both. I’ve enjoyed this serious mostly because I played more with the color settings in Lightroom try to present a different feel to these images.

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