Canoe Carving

The Wampanoags made two types of canoes. The one you see above, which is a wooden dugout canoe (mishoon). “It is made by selecting a large, wide-girth pine tree that is then carved out. The primary method of making the canoe is by burning out the inside. Once the fires are lit, they must be carefully tended lest they burn a hole on the boat. After many countless days of burning and gouging, the canoe is ready for launching. It is very heavy, but once in the water it is good transportation.

The other type of canoe that the Wampanoags used were made of supple cedar or ash saplings. These were bent into shape and covered with bark from a white birch tree. The bark was sewn with deerskin leather and sealed with pine pitch. This made a very swift boat that could travel long distances.”(Information taken from the scholastic website)

The canoe in this shot needs to be finished in the next week as it will be put into the Eel River in early December. Here’s hoping it floats! You can actually see part of the Eel River in the background through the branches.

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  1. Really interesting post…I like the pov of the shot-it gives a good perspective of the canoe.

  2. One thing I love about your blog is the story you tell through a series of photographs from your experience. Though I try to comment… if I don’t find the time just know I am always enjoying your photo stories!!

  3. Thank you, Debbie. That’s really helpful to know. I sometimes question whether I’m writing too much under my posts. It’s nice to know you enjoy the stories.

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