My pie skills were passed down from three generations of wonderful bakers. From my great grandma Bryant to her daughter Elinor (my grandmother who I unfortunately never met). From Elinor to her daughter, Brenda (my mom) and then from Mom down to me (also my middle name was passed down from all three). I have vivid memories of going to grandma Bryant’s house and walking inside to the wonderful smells of cookies or pies baking in the oven. There were many times when I stood with her in the kitchen watching and learning how she made her famous pies. I also spent many hours baking with my Mom. As a kid, I had my very own set of kids’ baking utensils and I was always excited to pull them out and help her with baking cookies and pies.

Grandma Bryant called these little cinnamon pinwheels “kisses”. They were made from the left over pie crust and smothered with butter, sugar and cinnamon. I always looked forward to Grandma Bryant’s kisses…the sweetest things on Earth. Now that grandma has passed on I still get to enjoy her kisses every time I bake a pie.

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  1. Way to get the mouth watering! They look so good…

  2. I always loved these kisses as well. Of course, you have to get them before Dad does. Otherwise, they’re gone before you know it. 😉

  3. Since I’m on my diet, I mean healthier eating habit, I only ate a handful of these and brought the rest to Dad.

  4. One thing I don’t miss is the mincemeat pie! But the kisses?! Yummmm! Can you send some to SF? It’s funny, I’m the last of the Bakers and I hate to bake! TGIF!

  5. Melissa, wish I could send some to you but they’re all gone. I love to bake…I hate cooking!

  6. Those look and sound divine!

  7. Oh my these sound heavenly! Butter, sugar, cinnamon, pie crust? How could you go wrong!

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