How Now Brown Cow

A few hundred feet down from where the sheep were grazing we came across a field with cows. I’m assuming they belong to the same farm. I liked how the brown of the cow blended with the rest of the fall colors.

A long blurb that has nothing to do with the above photo: Last night, after coming back from the gym, at my complex, I entered my apartment and the fire alarm started going off in the building. I saw two other people come out of their apartment but they weren’t sure what to do because no one smelled smoke. I knew the manager was at the Clubhouse so I ran back over to tell her. Of course she stated the obvious and said “if the fire alarm is going off you should call 911.” She called 911 and I ran back over to tell the people I had talked to that the fire dept. was on it’s way. They went back into their apartment.

I headed back outside and saw two people from the building next to mine who mentioned that the fire alarm was also going off in their building. As we were standing there we could hear the sirens in the distance. That’s when inspiration hit (or some may call it stupidity) and I decided to run back up to my apartment and grab my camera. Not to save it from the possibility of a burning building but just in case I could get that “magic” shot. Once I got back outside, the firemen were just pulling up. The two people I had seen outside earlier had gone back into their building.

Unfortunately, I didn’t grab my tripod so I wasn’t able to setup a long exposure shot. When I tried using the flash it ruined the look of the flashing lights on the fire truck. Also, it was dark and raining and I was having difficulty keeping the camera dry. About 15 minutes later the firemen came out and said it was okay to go inside (water leak or something in the other building). One of the firemen said to me “you did the right thing waiting outside, even though it’s lousy weather.” Of course I didn’t tell him I had run back into the building and was only hoping to get a photo for my blog. In the end I ended up with nothing. But then again, my building didn’t burn down so that’s good!

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  1. Wow! Glad you and everyone else was okay.
    Beautiful picture. I love the colors and textures.

  2. Love the colors and I agree, the cow blends in nicely…yet he/she doesn’t get lost in the color…nice job!
    Glad to hear that there wasn’t any damage or injuries from the nights excitement..scary stuff!

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