Hot Dog

When Josh and I were walking around Boston on Sunday it reminded me of the Photo Walk I took part in back in August. A lot of the places we walked were the same places I had taken photos during the Photo Walk. This reminded me that I still had some pictures from back then that I never posted.

While the top image is a bit out of focus (why I was focused on the grass and not the dog, I do not know) I really wanted to show it because I got such a kick out of this dog. While I was standing in the fountain shooting the Kerplunk photo he walked over next to me and sprawled out on the grate to cool off. He also enjoyed drinking and playing in the water.

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  1. Awwww…what great captures of a wonderful pup…I love French Bulldogs!

  2. I love his little pink toenails! Like a French manicure… appropriate!

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