My nephew Josh stayed over for the long weekend. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect weekend weather wise. It ended up being 74 degrees yesterday…a bit of Indian summer for us. I figured we should take advantage of the nice weather and head outside. So we hopped the train to spend the day walking around Boston. We walked for 3 hours straight and wore ourselves out.

This photo was taken at Faneuil Hall. These two boys were sitting in front of me as we were watching the magician. I couldn’t help but take a photo through the perfectly framed balloon hats.  I’m thinking parents must buy these hats so they don’t lose their kids in the crowd.

Happy Columbus Day!

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  1. I love this shot—it spreads joy 🙂
    I hope the 3 hours of walking was capped off by a stop at Brown Sugar!

  2. No, Brown Sugar yesterday- although I thought about it. We had gone to Chatta Box the night before and so we had left over Thai waiting for us at home.

  3. This is just a great shot, Jamie! Makes me smile and I love the pov.

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