Autumn Leaves and Gentle Rain

Here I was trying to capture the rain drops on the tips of these leaves but really like the droplets on the leaves themselves.

I somehow managed to keep the lens pretty dry even though I was shooting up into the rain. It helped that I stood under the trees. Of course seeing as it was raining, I was more conscious of cleaning the lens off after taking a couple of photos. I sometimes get so wrapped up in taking pictures I forget to check how clean the lens is.

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  1. Lovely autumn colours.

  2. Nice shot…I love the detail, colors, and definition of the raindrops and the depth of field. Definitely looks like Fall!

  3. Fabulous composition and capture, Jamie! Love the dof too.

  4. Thank you everyone. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the dof came out. At the time I was taking the photos I was wishing I had a macro lens for better bokeh.

  5. This photo is just so crystal clear and sharp…. it is just a great photo. But please… say Autumn isn’t coming yet… say it isn’t so….

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