The Water Princess

This is one of the flower girls from the wedding. I came across her secretly playing in the bird bath. She was having such a wonderful time being a kid and not worrying one iota that she was splashing water all over her dress. She was a little bit shy but was willing to show me the treasure she pulled out of the bird bath…a lovely wet leaf.

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  1. I especially love the first one. These are so great, a very natural moment of childhood captured…

  2. I agree. That 1st photo is wonderful. She looks SO cute.
    You definitely need to send a copy to her parents.

  3. I agree, the first photo is my favorite (which is why I put it first). I also liked in the second photo how you could see her dipping her finger in the water. I wanted to get a better angle so I had more of her face but then I would have been standing on the flowers and I don’t think the Crane Brook would have been to happy about that.

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