Lake Garfield (without Odie)

This is a section of Lake Garfield in the Berkshires. We spent a lot of time on this lake during the 5 days Josh and I spent with Chris and Karen. Every day we went out kayaking, canoeing and tubing. I spent a lot of time in the kayaking sightseeing and trying to capture some images.

The clouds look a bit ominous in this shot but we were lucky and had really good weather during our stay. The last night we had an amazing show of lightning with lots of rain. It also rained the next morning on our drive home but other than that we were blessed with some pretty nice weather.

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  1. The Berkshires are a great place to take pictures. Nice dramatic sky on this one!

  2. I love the wonderful curve and delineation between sky and water. Wonderful moody colour tones too.

  3. Great moody shot…really like the way the tones in the sky are reflect in the water as well.

  4. Shirley

    Moody was the word that came to my mind, too.
    This is really lovely.

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