Here's a bee doing what bees do best…either gathering nectar or gathering pollen (sometimes both). I did have a shot of another bee with tons of pollen on it's back legs however, the image isn't as sharp. I stood next to these flowers for quite awhile, with bees buzzing all around me, waiting for one to land on just the right flower. No bees or humans were harmed getting this shot.

This was taken at a little park down the street from where I work. During the spring some co-workes and I would take our lunches their often. I think we were so happy winter was over that we just wanted to be outside. Now with the heat and humidity we don't seem to do it as often. 

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  1. Fantastic shot, Jamie. Crisp, clean, clear details. And the clarity on the bee and her eyes, excellent. Well done indeed!

  2. Melissa

    Gorgeous! You know how I love the bees!
    I’ll be in MA next week 8/6-8/13. Hopefully I’ll get to see you.

  3. Great capture! I love the colors and the detail is outstanding. Bee’s look so cute and fuzzy up close!

  4. Beautiful Shot…great dof and colors. Different kind of picture from you…I like it.

  5. Thank you all for the kind comments. I was pleasantly surprised at how this shot came out. I borrowed a 60mm macro lens from work and found it challenging to keep the focus steady. Either I swayed a little (no tripod) or the wind blew the flowers slightly.

  6. Shirley

    This is a gorgeous shot. The bee is so clear. I feel like I am seeing a bee in a completely different way for the very first time—look at its face!

  7. wow!
    Can’t wait to play around with my 60mm macro.
    And without a tripod? Very impressive.

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