Up on the roof

Last weekend I met Mom and Dad in Plymouth. I was helping Dad out by taking some photos of the Plymouth waterfront. We were lucky enough to be given access to the roof of one of the hotels. I assumed when they said we could take pictures from the roof that they had a back staircase that maintenance used to get on the flat roof. Well, when the man pulled an old rickety ladder out of the closet I knew we were in for an adventure. I had to climb up onto the very last step of the ladder in order to reach up and pull myself onto the roof. It wasn't a flat roof but was at least at enough of an angle that you could walk on it without falling off. Probably not the wisest and safest choice (Mom was smart and stayed down on the waterfront) but we were able to get a few shots from a different advantage point.

I wish it had been high tide. Low tide just doesn't look as pleasant to the eye.

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  1. What a great panoramic! And love the array of details you captured.

  2. Nice pano and don’t you love it when those photographic opportunities present themselves? You just have to go for it…dangers be damned!

  3. Shirley

    It’s cool to see a panoramic shot. The curve of the road/shore is…beautiful. It’s rare to see that shape applied to a road in a photo and I like it.
    Good for you for braving the rickety ladder!

  4. I had nothing to do with creating the curve in the road, other than telling Photoshop to merge the photos together. I guess it needed to curve the road in order for the pano to work. While the actual road isn’t curved I’m digging the look of the curved road.

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