Leafy Lettuce

I'm not a huge fan of lettuce. I like a salad here and there but not all the time. However, I really like the look of lettuce growing in the garden. The same house that had the chicken and blueberries also had a wonderful garden full of colors. Purple eggplants, yellow squash, dark green zucchini, and this luscious green leafy lettuce. Almost makes me want to eat a salad right now…well, I did say almost.

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  1. A couple weeks back I did a bigtime shoot for a restaurant for work. I can’t post them for obvious reasons, but — I can REALLY appreciate a well done food shot. And this is just that.

  2. Thank you, Justin. I was lucky enough to be taking this photo outside in the garden. I know how difficult it is to light and I imagine lighting food is even trickier.

  3. Wonderful color and detail…now you’ve got me craving a salad too (first it was s’mores, then blueberries)!

  4. Aunt Jud

    Lettuce be thankful for gardens! Nice picture……

  5. @Aunt Jud- very witty, wish I had thought of it!

  6. Shirley

    Nicely done! This shot elevates lettuce…

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