Plympton Paradise

A couple weekends ago, Plympton had an "Antique House and Garden Tour." One of the houses on the tour, was the Reverend Ezra Sampson House, 1776. The house is located on the Plympton Green and in the mid 19th century it was known as "Plympton House" a local tavern.

Today it is a beautifully restored home with five fireplaces- one of them being 2-3 times bigger than a normal fireplace. The part I enjoyed most was actually outside the house. There were at least four different gardens spread throughout the backyard that held plants, herbs, statues and fountains. Then there was this pool area. I would never have known this piece of paradise was located behind the house. As you can see it is spectacular. The pool house is an old restored barn with the inside as beautiful as the outside.

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  1. Great composition, sharp details, great color balance. Was it an overcast day when you shot this picture?

  2. Jamie

    Thanks, Al.
    I’m almost embarrassed to say that I shot this with my point & shot camera and not my slr. The p&s does a nice job on colors, although I added a little vibrance to the image in Lightroom. I believe it was an off and on cloudy day.

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