Celtic Pride

I don't own a Celtics' shirt.
I watched only the playoff games.
I fell asleep during the final game.
I didn't go to the parade.
I can name Parish, Bird, McHale, Ange, Johnson, and Walton without even thinking.
Before the playoffs I'd only heard of Paul Pierce.
And yet, with all that said, I still have a sense of Celtic Pride!

Having been a teenager in the 1980s I was lucky enough to have been a Boston Celtics fan during a very prime time. I basically stopped watching the Celtics consistently after the Big Three (Bird, Parish, McHale) were gone. Over the years, I'd catch a few games here and there each season but not much else. This year it has been really fun feeling that energy and excitement around the Celtics like it was in the good old days (my old days anyway).

While I didn't make it to the parade yesterday, I did stop at Copley Square about an hour before it started. In the lower left corner of the photo you can see part of the parade route on the jumbotron tv screen. 

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  1. Shirley

    I like this picture a lot. How it shows life going on and then part of the parade and all the excitement on the screen.

  2. Thanks, Shirl.
    I liked the juxtaposition of the old building with the new technology in front of it.

  3. Great shot…Bostonian’s do love thier sports! I think it’s the only city with winning teams in football, basketball, and baseball.

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