Follow the Leader

As you can see I was bring up the rear in this group.  I chickened out when it came to my turn to jump in the water.  However, I did follow the group along the river bank. 

It seems the little ones were being  taught to dive for food. It was fascinating to watch 15 babies dive under the water and splash around. Then they would suddenly race across the water in a frenzy, flapping wings and reaching out with open mouths either to be ready to attack or reaching for food (not sure which). 

It was very interesting to watch. I was only hissed at twice for getting too close or maybe they were making fun of me for not jumping in.


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  1. Melissa

    Nice! We have a pair of redtail hawks in the park and they had a baby this spring – it’s been amazing watching them teach it to dive and soar. Ah, Spring!
    Can’t believe the Celts won by 40 points!

  2. I was very surprised at the score when I heard it. It’s been great being a sports fan in New England the past few years!

  3. Shirley

    I love this picture. The rusty metal structure in the center is striking. Nature just chugs along.
    Aki recently asked Erik: “Why do our teams always win?” Ah, youth 🙂

  4. the title and the image – perfect! jamie, can you make one of the kodak picture books with all your pics and comments? what a great gift for someone…and hmmm i think completely marketable at barnes and noble!

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