Saquish Shed

This is a shot of the shed on the deck of the cottage out at Saquish.  While it was taken in June it was June of 2007. I actually hadn't planned on taking a shot of the shed. I was taking pictures of the sunset on the bottom deck when I thought I'd go up on the upper deck to see how the sunset looked from up there. As I was about to walk up the stairs I noticed the sunset reflected off the window. I thought it might make a pretty nice shot. I was very happy with the outcome. I think it ended up being the pick of the lot out of all the shots I took that day.

Happy Birthday, Jack! 

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  1. Great shot Jamie. I’m sure if it were me I would have walked right by the shed w/out noticing the reflection.
    See you Sunday.

  2. In the past I probably would have walked right by it also. However, since I bought the camera I’ve been more aware of photo opportunities. Although, not always. When Jacoby Ellsbury was standing right in front of me and I had the camera in my hands I never even thought to take a picture.
    Happy Birthday!!

  3. It’s okay. I’m sure you were too busy asking him to marry you to get his picture. 😉

  4. Actually, I was too busy trying to get Wakefield’s number from him. Wake’s my man!

  5. Shirley

    What a great shot. The unexpected can be so beautiful.

  6. Good eye! Very nice how the major part of this photo becomes the frame for the smaller image of the sunset within. Lovely shot!

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