Manhatten Skyline

This past weekend I went down to New Jersey to visit friends.  We went out to eat at a P.F. Chang's restaurant that was across the water from Manhattan.  We had a wonderful meal and then enjoyed the spectacular view.  It was a really nice weekend.  Next time I hope to make it into New York City (especially to Central Park). 

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  1. Great picture Jamie.
    New York sure makes Boston look small.

  2. Yeah, I think I said the same thing. Boston has a handful of tall buildings, while NY has a sea of them!

  3. Shirley

    What an amazing shot.
    I admit that I found the weight of the SLR camera daunting when you let me handle yours, but seeing this picture brings me right back to wanting one!
    I like the grainy looking blues in the buildings on the right side of the pic. It reminds me of NYC in the 50s and 60s…

  4. may want a copy of this to give as a gift to my brother in manhattan….you could sign it and everything – photojournalist that you are 🙂 might have to start charging for your art!

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