Making Us Proud

Jared is officially a high school graduate.  Yesterday we had his graduation party and his history teacher came to celebrate.  I was glad I was able to meet him because it gave me the opportunity to thank him in person for the kind words he wrote in Jared's year book.  While everyone in the family knows what a wonderful person Jared is, it was nice to hear what someone outside the family thinks of him. If you missed the party or did not see his year book, this is what his teacher wrote: 

Jared, As a teacher- you always hope to meet a student who reminds you why ya do what you do. Jared- it has been my pleasure to have you in ALL of the classes I teach here. I am very proud of the young man you have become and I look forward to meeting the great man that you will be! If you have learned from me- a fraction of what I have learned from you, then your future holds nothing but success. Good luck next year. If you need anything: a kind word, $10 for a pizza, someone to take your money in a "friendly" game of cards- do not hesitate to contact me. Take Care Kid.

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  1. Mary Jane Ferguson

    You make us very proud. You sure look handsome in your cap & gown.
    Aunt MJ

  2. Wow, he really has grown up! Now I feel really old.

  3. Jamie

    Hey E.
    I know whay you mean. I can remember when I brought him in to do ‘Scary Stories’ as if it was yesterday!

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