Spinnaker Island

As you can tell this is taken from the Hull cemetery (see yesterday's photo).  What you are look out on is Spinnaker Island.  The bridge is the only entrance on and off the island…by car anyway.  It's about a quarter of a mile from the shore.

This is what the Spinnaker website says about the island: 

The island once know as little hog island dates back to colonial times, when local stored their animals on the island just off shore.  In the 1920s, the US Army created Fort Duvall transforming the island by building up the flats with concrete bunkers and a soil cap.  During WWII the island hosted two 16-inch cannons (ever see the 'Guns of Navarone" then you have the idea).  During the cold war the island was again transformed into an NIKE missile site. The Island remained in operation until the 1960s, when the military closed the island.

Looks like a pretty nice place to live but I'm betting the commute is a pain in the butt!  There's just no easy way to get in and out of Hull. I tried but I just can't resist…It's a hull of a ride to get to Hull!


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  1. Shirley

    Did you notice St. Peter is buried in Hull?

  2. Jamie

    I noticed today when I posted the blog that St. Peter was right there in front of me. Didn’t happen to notice the day I took the photo.

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