Here she is. I'm pretty sure this is the same pink bud I took last week, now in full bloom. She looks very fragile- as if a small wind could have her petals fluttering down.

Today was another sunny day. I had lunch outside with a couple of co-workers. Then after work I took my camera and walked through the Public Garden. It was amazing how many people were outside enjoying the park. People laying on the swan boat dock, others sitting on benches, little kids dipping their hands into the water. There were even a few people doing a kind of movement dance around the fountains (very interesting to watch).  It was almost like watching people awakening from a deep sleep. I suppose after hybernating for the past few months we are coming out of a deep sleep and are now happily soaking up the sunlight and warmth.  

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  1. Shirley

    Very nice. I love the color of the blue sky in the background, too!

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