Fruit and Vegetable Stand

This is another vegetable/fruit stand in the Downtown Crossing area.  I really like how it is nestled between the buildings.  I find it fascinating to see how the city incorporates a farm stand.  In the Downtown Crossing area there are 3 vegetable/fruit stands. For some reason I’ve yet to buy anything from one of these stands- even though everything looks really tasty.

It’s a bit different than what I was use to growing up (and even to this day).  Being from a small town with lots of farms in the area, I’m use to seeing farm stands along the side of the road and being able to look out over the actual crops the vegetables/fruit came from. And yet I buy most of my fruit and vegetables at Whole Foods?!

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  1. Great picture Jamie. I love all the colors. I think you’re going to have to make a point to stop and buy something one of these days. I could go for one of those bananas myself.

  2. Maybe I’ll pick you up a banana someday.

  3. Shirley

    I like the composition of the three guys in conversation and the one woman’s back off to the side.

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