I had to dig through my files to come up with an image for today.  I thought I’d spare you all from seeing more Florida images.  I’m sure I could dig up at least another week’s worth.  Instead I filtered through a bunch of folders and kept coming back to this shot.  It was taken in January.

There’s something about the fireman on the right that drew my attention and I felt the urge to take this shot.  I didn’t want to be too intrusive since they were on the job and there was a crowd starting to gather.  While there were two fire trucks in front of the building, I did not see any fire on the outside (I’m not exactly sure what was going on).  The ladder on one of the trucks was extended and reaching towards the top of the building.  These men were just watching and waiting for the word to spring into action. It’s amazing that while everyone else’s instinct is to run away from danger (i.e., a burning building) these men (and women) are trained to instinctively run towards it.

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  1. Jamie – Great shot!
    I’d love to see more pictures of the city’s architecture, the people, the landscape, etc.

  2. I’ll see what I can do. I’m really hoping the warmer weather comes soon so I can be motivated to get out more.

  3. Shirley

    There’s a real pull to this shot, I love it. They do seemed poised and at the ready…but calm.

  4. Jamie,
    Great capture and it really tells a story.
    These guys are amazing for sure.

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