Easter Dessert

I spent Easter weekend making these sugar cookies.  I ate so much of the frosting that I woke up Monday with a sugar hang over! Half way through the day I had a sugar crash…so I ate the m&m’s the Easter bunny brought me!  It’s going to be a tough week getting off the sugar.  I almost think it was worth it for these cookies.  I had some left overs so I’m bringing them to work with me today.

As you can see there’s a bunny, tulip, carrot and duck.  I also made egg shaped cookies but forgot to add one in for the photo.  I really like how the carrot cookies came out.

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  1. Cute! I’m putting my order in for next year when we’re home for Easter.I like the carrot too,but next time eat more of the real thing.

  2. Maybe someone will help me decorate the cookies next year. That way I won’t eat as much of the frosting. Or maybe I’ll dip real carrots in the frosting!

  3. Shirley

    These are so cute and look very yummy.

  4. I like the picture of the cookies. I like the carrot and the duck one. Are they in strips of paper?

  5. I put the cookies in an Easter basket with “Easter grass” for the photo. You are correct, the ‘grass’ is strips of yellow paper.

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