It’s a Melon

Yup, it’s a cantaloupe.  For me it’s a melon, in an unsatisfactory way (like a car is a lemon).  I really don’t have a taste for cantaloupe.  I wish I did because for some reason most fruit cups come with a ton of cantaloupe in them.  I suppose they must be the cheaper fruit.  I would prefer to have more watermelon and honeydew melon (better yet bring on the pineapple and strawberries).  But that’s just my preference and it didn’t stop me from taking a picture.

Unless the weather is inclement, almost every day in Downtown Crossing, there is a vegetable/fruit stand setup outside CVS.  I’ve yet to purchase anything but I do look forward to seeing the stand each day.  The colors of the fruit and vegetables add life to the dull winter browns (plus the stale looking buildings in this area).  Also, the way everything is stacked and lined up is very pleasing to my eye.  

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  1. Aunt Jud

    remindes me of summer…um….

  2. Yes! I’ve been looking for pictures that remind me of spring/summer. I’m looking forward to taking some photos at your place on Sunday!

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