Good Morning

Yesterday morning I really noticed the difference in daylight savings.  Before, when I caught the 6:50am train it would be fairly dark in the morning.  Yesterday, as I was driving into the parking lot I saw this spectacular sunrise.  Luckily, I just happened to be bringing my camera with me to work.  I was able to park my car and quickly run down to the corner to get this shot- just as the train warning bells were going off.  Not a bad way to start off the day.  After seeing such an amazing display of colors it made me smile and I started the day in a very tranquil mood.

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  1. Shirley

    Sigh. What an amazing sight. Glad you caught the moment to share with us. This would be a beautiful start to any day!

  2. Aunt Jud

    Beautiful picture, almost as beautiful as Saquish!

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