T time

I'm sure this image defies the laws of physics (the blur is ahead of the train).  Therefore, this is an experimental shot where the laws of physics do not apply.  I remember when I was in school and someone shot an experimental video I was always confused about how to critique it. They could be very abstract and so I wasn't sure what meaning they were trying to put across.  Typically, I just said, "it was interesting."  Sort of like the movie Brazil.  I must have seen it 3 times and I'm still not sure what it was about (but it was interesting).  

My goal was to take this photo with camera settings that would blur the train.   However, I didn't set the settings correctly so the train was clear and looked as if it was stopped on the tracks.  Since this is a commuter rail train I only had the one chance to capture the shot.  I would have had to wait another two hours for the next outbound train (weekend schedule).  I felt the image needed something so I decided to experiment in Photoshop.  In Scott Kelby's Lightroom book he demonstrates how to add this blur effect.  

Personally, I think the blur helps the image.  But everyone's tastes are different so this may not work for others.  I'm realizing more and more, that for me, it's not as much about the final image as it is about the experience.  I was happy to actually be outside and using the camera again and then being able to experiment in Photoshop and having fun with it. 

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  1. Great picture Jamie. I agree – the blur does help the image. (Without the blur I’m guessing it’s just another picture of a train.)

  2. Thanks Jack. Yeah, it was just another shot of a train without the blur. Not that it was terrible it just didn’t seem to have much life to it. Nothing seemed to draw my eye to the train. The blur helps to focus on the train. I’m going to try to go out again and retake this shot and hopefully capture the train in motion. It’s all about experimenting and learning how shutter and aperture work.

  3. I think it looks REALLY cool. The train looks animated. And how the picture is blurry and that the train is the only thing you can really see other than the house and the fence and the tree.

  4. Shirley

    Holy smokes! (Can you tell I love this?)
    It looks you stopped time.

  5. Sis Karen

    Neat shot! To me, it gives the sense that the train is breaking thru some kind of barrier…time?…space? It could be an image from Heroes! 🙂

  6. Sis Karen

    Or ‘Back to the Future’…the time-space continuum.

  7. I think you may be onto something Karen…”warp speed ahead, Sulu.”

  8. I like the blur too, Jamie. The picture looks like it should be an ad in a magazine for,what?Maybe the T. It’s interesting.

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