I’m really looking forward to Spring when all the trees and flowers start to bloom.  Yesterday was the first day in a month that I went out and took photos.  So, this is not a photo from Florida! 

I grabbed the camera and walked around the neighborhood with no idea what I’d be shooting.  I walked through a small cemetery and came across this tree branch.  I suppose I could have tried a shot juxtaposing the graves of the past with the tree budding new life.  Instead I was experimenting with depth of field and seeing if I could have just the buds in focus and the rest of the background out of focus.  The hardest part of this shot was that it was so windy the branch kept swaying and going in and out of focus.  I finally had to grab it and hold it with my left hand while taking the picture with the camera in my right hand.

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  1. Shirley

    That’s funny that you ended up holding the tree branch still 🙂 Is that why the background is a wash of color and there are no discernible forms?

  2. The background is not discernible due to setting the aperture so that I have a small depth of field. I could have adjusted the aperture so that some of the background was a little more in focus.

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