Another Walkway

This is another walkway in Stuart, Florida.  I'm not exactly sure where we were or what this place is called.  It was actually hidden away and if my parents hadn't been shown this place we never would have found it.  We parked off a side ride and had to walk a short path to come out to this walkway.  It was in a beautiful grassy area that was just calling out for a picnic lunch.  It was located in a great spot- you could see the open ocean and the intercoastal waterway.  While strolling along the walkway we spotted a group of dolphins.

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  1. Shirley

    So beautiful. I love the color of the wood of the walkway. The light (and those shafts!) is gorgeous.
    The rocks are interesting to look at, too.
    I am digging the serenity of this scene this morning!

  2. Mom thinks this place could be Rocky Point.
    Also, I mixed 2 hdr processed images together to get the photo to look this way. The sky was washed out in the original but this is how it should look. The hdr worked well to pull the colors out of the wood and the clarity in the water but it gave the seaweed on the rocks a bit of an exaggerated florescent green. I could have toned it down but I liked the look.

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