City Place

Sticking with yesterday's theme, here's another building that shows off the architecture in Florida.  This was taken at City Place in West Palm Beach.  I processed this photo as a high dynamic range (HDR) image.  I purposely wanted to produce the over exaggerated colors and pull out the textures. It gives it that Wizard of Oz type feel to it (if you catch my meaning).  I find that Florida sometimes has a surreal feel to it for me.  It may have to do with the fact that I'm on vacation, relaxing by a pool or walking the ocean and tend to be day dreaming and in a different mindset.  Maybe it's because I go from the brown drab colors of winter, in New England, to the bright colors of Florida.  The colors seem to be more vibrant and they take on more of a fantasy quality (back to the Wizard of Oz essence).

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  1. Trippy! It sort of reminds me of those architectural renderings of buildings before they are built. Nicely done, Jamie!

  2. This looks so cool. (Me too! says Teo here on my lap)
    It does look very surreal, and like one of those architectural renderings!
    When I was first looking at it, it reminded of one of those visual puzzles: spot the ten things that are “off” about this scene.

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