Tiki Hut

This is the Square Grouper: Tiki Bar at Castaway's Mariner in Jupiter, Florida.  It's a really fun place to hang out and have a drink (and even a decent hot dog).  It's located on the intercoastal waterway and has a perfect view of the Jupiter Lighthouse.  You can sit back, relax and watch the boats pass by.  There's even a little stage-hut where they have live performances.  Unfortunately, no one was playing while we were there.

I just checked out their website and noticed that they have free wifi.  Even in an island paradise setting you can still be connected to the outside world! I bet if Oceanic Air Flight 815 went down today, the island would have wifi on it (who knows maybe there is wifi on the island)!

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  1. With another snow storm on the way to New England… a beer at the Tiki Bar sounds pretty good right now.

  2. I wish I was there right now…
    That’s funny about the Lost island having wifi…

  3. You know I haven’t gone out and taken pictures since I’ve been back from Florida. It’s just too darn cold after having been in 80 degree weather! I wish I was still there.
    Maybe I’ll go out and get some pictures after the storm.

  4. I didn’t know you were a Lost fan! It’s a good thing we’re in different time zones, because I’d probably be texting you throughout each episode!
    I want to be at that Tiki Bar now, too. Instead we’re heading up to Tahoe for the weekend. Luna has never been in the snow.

  5. Oh yeah, I’m a lost fanatic. More so this season because I’m so sick of reality tv! Wish I could meet you in Tahoe…I could get some pretty good photos for the blog. Enjoy.

  6. Chris & Karen

    Having just gotten back from sunny Florida, and a visit to The Square Grouper, we can verify that kicking back with a couple of Coronas is the perfect way to enjoy the scenery of the intercoastal waterway. We miss it already.

  7. Do you ever take pics indoors? I bet you could find interesting shots in your apartment, at work, etc.

  8. I either need another piece of equipment to sync with my flash or I need to invest in some lighting, in order to shoot indoors. I’m looking into both at this time.

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