One more shot from the Stuart River Walk.  This is one of the few docks I saw in Florida that said "No Fishing."  You could fish under the Roosevelt Bridge (see yesterday's photo) but surprisingly not off this dock (it might apply to the entire river walk).  I was lucky enough to be in Stuart at the time they were having their monthly jazz concert on the River Walk.   They have a small stage built off the walkway right over the water (it's located just to the right of this shot).  We only stayed for a short time but it was very relaxing to sit outside on the grass and listen to some good ole jazz.

A few years ago the majority of the River Walk had been destroyed by a hurricane.  When I had visited Stuart two years ago they were still repairing the walkway and I was only able to walk a portion of it.  It was nice to return and see that the walkway had been fully restored and was even more beautiful than before.

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy 18th Birthday to my nephew Jared!