Music Man

I sometimes wish I knew how to play an instrument.  I took guitar as a kid for a few months but the strings hurt my fingers and my hand was hardly big enough to fit around the guitar neck.  I also tried the flute- suggested by my mother.  I really wanted to play the trumpet like my two older brothers so,  I wasn't very dissappointed when the flute broke a couple weeks later.  It took more than a month to fix.  By the time I got it back I was too far behind the rest of the class and dropped my lessons.  No, I did not break the flute on purpose. 

Anyway, I came across this music man playing at Fanueil Hall.  I was a bit envious at how much fun he seemed to be having playing his clarinet.  But then I did get to sit back and relax and enjoy his music.  Plus, he didn't mind me taking his photo.

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  1. What a great juxtaposition of the musician with his eyes closed and the white tiger with its eyes open.

  2. The tiger seems to be saying, “I’ve heard this song one too many times.”

  3. Well Shirley I only wish I could say I had planned that shot but really I took a few photos and this was the best out of the bunch. Oh wait I should just say yes you’re right I composed the shot with the eyes open and closed.

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