Another shot of the Scituate Lighthouse.  This one was taken about a half hour after the sun had set.  I like how it makes everything blue in the photo.  I'm quickly realizing that I need to start saving to purchase more equipment.  It would be nice to have a longer lens, wide angle and possibly a macro lens.  But, I'll just have to take it one piece at a time.

Travel update:  We drove for approx. 10 hours on Wednesday and made it to Virginia.  Thursday we drove for another 10 hours and made it to Georgia (south of Savannah).  We've been lucky weather wise.  It rained a little in CT the first day but not much else.  It was very windy the first day but better on Thursday.  The temp. didn't get much above 44 degrees on Wednesday and didn't hit the 50s until we reached Georgia.  We should be in Florida by this afternoon and I've been told it could be in the 80s!

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  1. Sis Karen

    We’re jealous (80!! Glorious!), but glad to hear the trip update.
    What a gorgeous shade of blue!

  2. The blue is stunning.
    I drool at the prospect of your photos being enhanced with more equipment.

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