iPoor but iPopular?

Yup, I went out and bought a new toy!  I've been holding off on buying an iPod for a couple of years, waiting for them to create a widescreen version.  When they came out with the iTouch I wanted to wait a little longer before purchasing to make sure there were no major bugs.  While I was waiting, my cell phone started having problems.  It finally got to the point where the phone had to go and I decided to kill two birds with one stone and purchased the iPhone.  I've only had it for three days but so far it's been awesome! 

The hardest part of this photo was getting a shot without finger prints! While it does get lots of smudges I usually don't notice them- I think the brightness of the screen conceals them (or I'm not so focused on it).  However, since this image is darker the smudges seemed to pop up everywhere. I had to put a lot of effort into buffing them out, especially since I kept touching the screen trying to decide which photo to use.

I've been told this could make me popular.  Not sure about that…I don't plan on sharing my phone with anyone!

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  1. Jamie’s dream…..
    You are walking to work when you hear someone yell “A man is having a heart attack!”.
    JAMIE: Coming through! I’ll take care of it! I’m an iPhone owner!
    Then you simultaneously call emergency services while accessing Wikipedia instructions on how to perform CPR. To keep the man’s wife from panicking, you calm her down by showing her amusing videos of cats wearing silly hats.
    DOCTOR: This iPhone owner is a hero! Without her amazing access to information and amusing videos of cats wearing silly hats, we’d have a dead man and a nervous wife. Instead, this couple will live happily ever after. Thank you iPhone Owner!
    JAMIE: Oh, I was just doing what any super cool iPhone owner would do.

  2. While that sounds like a great scenario, it’s more likely that I’d be so engrossed in buffing the finger prints off my iPhone I’d never see/hear the person having a heart attack. I hope they don’t take the phone away from me! I don’t think the agreement said anything about saving lives.
    Secretly, I would like to be able to save the day. Although, I was thinking more along the likes of stopping a robbery. Maybe using maps on my iPhone to help locate and free the hostages. Or taking a picture of the license plate on the getaway car.

  3. You can now do all those things and more with your ‘super cool’ iPhone. I see a new movie in the works… “iPhone Girl”

  4. no doubt, your life will change! People will flock to you…wishing they could be as cool as you. iPHone, iTouch, iCare’ iWouldBeCool, iWish iCould be like iJamie. Use your super power for good…not evil.

  5. Miss a few posts and miss the latest news.
    Enjoy your toy—you deserve it!

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