Sunset from the jetty

I was searching through my photos looking for something to post for today and I came across this shot.  I had originally thought of just trashing this photo but something kept bringing me back to it.  I decided to open it in Photoshop and see what I could do.  I added the ReDynaMix HDR filter and played with the settings until I came up with this image.   It's better than what I originally started out with.  The original had a little tint of blue to the sky but I like how now almost everything in the scene is gray except for the sun setting.  I decided it had enough potential to go up on the blog.  I'll let you decide for yourselves.  Also, I really don't have many images to pick from at this point, other than going back to photos from the summer.  I'm trying not to do that, I may need to use them to fill in when I go on vacation.

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  1. Holy cow—I love this picture! The grays look amazing—so majestic and mystical. The sky, the rocks, I love it!

  2. I like the lines in the sky opposing the line of the jetty and then of the horizon/trees. Lovely.

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