I had an uninvited guest show up this weekend.  I shouldn't have been surprised to see him, as he had already visited a couple of people in the family earlier in the week.  LC (aka, lousy cold) showed up Thursday night and by Saturday he was extremely irritating and exhausted me.  To help with the irritation I invited over my friends, Neti (net pot), Zinc (Zicam zinc swabs) and EC (Emergen-C).  We sat around and watched Prison Break Season One all weekend.  By Sunday LC was pretty much on his way out and onto the next unsuspecting host.  I'm still tired and it may take another day or two to recuperate from the visit.  I just realized I should have added M&Ms to the photo.  They also were a great comfort this weekend!

Okay, pretty sad excuse for a photo today.  But, then I really have had a cold and it's been freezing outside so I haven't shot anything in the past week.  It's supposed to be nice this week so hopefully I can get out there and find some inspiration.