I think I know how this guy feels…its cold outside! This would be the week that I promised I would get out there and start walking again.  I walked about a 1/2 hour to work yesterday morning and it wasn't too bad.  Then someone at work asked if I wanted to walk during lunch.  I said sure, I have lots of sugar to burn off.  By the end of the walk it was getting pretty cold.  I'm already thinking about how I can get out of walking this morning.  Although, no matter what I still have to walk from the T station to work.

They opened a massage place next door to me.  They had a special introductory price so I signed up and walked over to my appointment last night.  I wasn't really looking forward to lying on a cold massage table.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they had a heated mat on the table…very cozy! It was suppose to be a deep tissue massage, but it was a walk in the park compared to when I go to Gina.  I'll stick with Gina since she helps to counteract the abuse I do to my neck and shoulder with all the hours I spend on the computer.  The sacrifices I make for this blog!