The day after Christmas is always a bit of a recovery (which is why I'm posting late today, plus I'm on vacation).  It's hard to believe that Christmas is over in just one day.  For months we are bombarded with commercials, flyers and holiday music.  Then some of us stress out trying to finish up all our shopping in time, only to wake up and realize it's all over until next year! I've eaten so much sugar and had so little rest that I have a bit of a holiday hangover.  This isn't to say it isn't worth all the indulgence…it definitely was and I'll do it all over again next year!

There were 40+ people at my aunt's house (actually we may have set a record this year, even with a few people missing).  There were lots of little kids, although they are getting bigger every year.  It's really fun to see how excited they are about Christmas and hear about everything that Santa brought them.  It was another wonderful Christmas and now it's time to start looking forward to the New Year. 

Mom and I made these fruit Santas, Christmas morning, to decorate the brunch trays.  I think they're pretty cute.  Other than the toothpick, holding it all together, the whole thing is edible.  You can probably tell that he's made of strawberry (body and hat), pineapple (face), mini chocolate chips (eyes), cream cheese with marshmellow (beard and trim) and a white Oreo cookie (snow he's standing on).