Sure looks like a chilly ride to me!  This ice sculpture was located just to the left of the horses' stall.  I love the detail in these sculptures.  I have a shot from the other side that really shows off the wheel but this image gives you a better angle to view the inside of the carriage. 

I think maybe I'll depart from the ice sculptures tomorrow.  After Sunday night's/Monday morning's ice storm I may have seen enough ice for now.  Walking to work from the T stop today, was like walking across a giant skating rink.  I don't know how many times I almost fell down.  I ended up shuffling to work like an old lady (okay for everyone who thought in their head, "you are an old lady" I can hear you!) I need to see if I can find a warmer image for tomorrow.  Don't be surprised if the ice sculptures show up again at the end of the week.