Gingerbread House

Yesterday, M&D, C&K and I went on the Pilgrim Hall Museum's Second Annual Holiday House Tour.  While this sweet ole house wasn't open for tours, it was up for sale in a silent auction.  Actually, there were three gingerbread houses available for silent auction.  This one was by far my favorite.  If you look at the windows you can see that they are made of pretzel squares which you can see through.  The blue you see is a light that was inside the gingerbread house.  I thought it was very creative that they made it so the house was lit from within.  It really gave it that extra special touch.  Perhaps, even made it a little more delectable!

The gingerbread house was on display in one of the model homes at The Pinehills, Plymouth.   The home consisted of two major structures connected by a "floating bridge."  The bridge acts as a connector from one portion of the home to the other and is also a gathering place between the buildings for morning breakfast or tea.  Simply put, it was two houses connected together (sort of like the gingerbread house with the attached lighthouse).  I liked the half of the house where this gingerbread display was located.  It was considered the carriage house.  It was smaller than the other half, more quaint and inviting.  It also may have helped that they had cookies baking in the oven and free samples available!

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  1. Cousin Kathy

    Wow!! Very impressive!! I wish I had the patience to do something like this with the kids!! Maybe in another 10 years 🙂

  2. That’s why I took a picture of it. There is no way that I’m ever creating something like this. Maybe you can build a gingerbread shack with the kids?!

  3. Sis Karen

    It really was a work of artistry…and you captured it beautifully! I’d only seen a couple of random pictures from your blog (if I happened to be sitting next to Chris when he opened it), but I just went all the way back to the beginning and read each story and comment. Your photos REALLY are gorgeous and very impressive. I can’t even pick a favorite because so many of them really struck me. You truly have a talent, and you ARE the eye… !
    PS what happens if I get the math problem wrong??

  4. I believe if you get the math wrong you open up a worm hole and all of Earth is thrown into complete chaos. Either that or your comment doesn’t get posted and I don’t get to read your very nice remarks.

  5. that is a work of art!

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