Musical Lot

This mural is located in a parking lot on the side street next to Symphony Hall.   There were only 2 cars in the entire parking lot and of course one had to be parked right in front of the mural- Doh!  Luckily, the truck was parked mostly to the left so I was able to capture a large portion of the mural (the shadow on the left is from the truck). I did take a wide shot of the mural, but it felt to far away and I didn't like the look of the truck being parked in front of it (rather distracting).

I really like murals. Especially one that is this creative.  They can definitely help a building look more attractive.  I noticed that there wasn't an ounce of graffiti anywhere on this mural.  Seems everyone respects a piece of work this nice.

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  1. Great shot Jamie. I hadn’t seen this mural before. Now I’ll look for it when Mom and I are in town.

  2. I’ve never seen this mural before either. I love that there is the one musician looking at the “camera” with a smile, caught in the joyous act of making music.
    The choices you made in terms of the distance and keeping the truck out of the shot paid off, I think.

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