Mom called Sunday morning to say the sea was suppose to be pretty rough at high tide, so why didn't I grab my camera and go with her and Dad to Plymouth beach.  Seeing how I needed photos for the blog I said sure, why not.  Plus I'd get to hang out with Mom and Dad for a couple hours. 

As you can see from the photo Mom was correct (as usual).  Of course the photo doesn't do it justice.  You really had to be there in order to hear the roar of the ocean to get the full effect.  Maybe I'll post another image in the days ahead.

Thanks for calling Mom! 

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  1. I can ALMOST hear the roar.

  2. I like the houses that are next to the beach and I think the brown sand is interesting. And I like the waves crashing onto the wall and shore.

  3. It’s interesting how the houses look like they are part of a painting. There’s a two-dimensional quality to them.
    So in a way, it looks like a collage to me…mixed media!

  4. I’m so excited about a post from Aki! The brown sand is actually lots of seaweed. That’s what you tend to get with a stormy sea.
    It’s funny, someone else also mentioned the houses to me. I was so focused on trying to get the crashing waves that I wasn’t even paying attention to the houses in the background.

  5. Aunt Mary Jane

    I love all the photos. I emailed your blog to your cousins as I know how much they will l enjoy it. Where exactly were you standing when you took the Seaside photo with the houses in background? I love your stories that go with the pictures as much as the photos.

  6. Hi Aunt Mary Jane. Thanks for forwarding the photo blog on to everyone. I should have done it myself. I’m slowly letting people know about it. I was standing in the parking lot not too far down the beach.

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