Abstract Christmas Tree

Okay, this is a very unusual image for me. I'm not usually one for abstract art but there was something about this image I found intriguing. It was actually a mistake that created this shot. I was taking a shot of the Christmas tree and forgot to turn on the flash. When I took the photo I realized it was going to be a 1 second shutter speed and not having it on a tripod I knew I wouldn't be able to hold it still so I moved the camera away and figured I'd just delete the image. However, it produced this abstract shot above that my nephew and cousin said looked cool (it may be worth noting that they are both under 17 years old). There is a technique called painting with light that I've been reading about but have yet to try. This was sort of a painting with light mistake. It's definitely interesting what the camera does with long exposure, movement and light. Next time I'll have to purposely try to paint with light and see what happens.

Don't worry I'm not likely to switch to this type of abstract art anytime soon. But sometimes it's interesting to look at something in a new way. Other than the streaks of light this is sort of what a Christmas Tree looks like when I don't have my glasses on!

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Taken with a Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XTi

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