Maya's Eyes

We didn't get hit too bad with storm Sandy. We did lose power for 6+ hours. We turned the generator on to make dinner, watched a movie and then went to bed. It was nice having a day off and staying with Mom and Dad (Maya is spending the day with them today as I'm off to work). It looks like NY was hit hard. I hope friends and their families are all okay.

I find it very hard to get a good shot of Maya. Either she won't stay still or I have such low light in my apartment that I can never get a good lit photo. When I was trying to setup different shots for yesterday's anniversary blog photo I had the camera pointed at one of Maya's boxes (large box with hole that she can crawl through). She jumped up on the box while I had the camera and flash setup. I snapped a couple of shots and was lucky enough to get this one.

Sometimes Maya's features are very sleek looking. Especially, when she is scared or on the prowl. Most of the time she has these big round eyes- so cute.

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Taken with a Canon EOS 30D

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