JETeye: Seeing Through Pictures- Year Seven

Today is the 7th Anniversary of my photo blog. In dog years that would be 49 :-). Some days it seems as if I have been blogging that long! Each year it seems a little harder to think of pictures to take and especially what to write. No trip to Florida this year, plus with a new job and moving into a new apartment it seemed like I didn't devote as much time to my photography. But then looking back over the year I'm surprised what I did do. If I didn't have this photo blog I don't think I'd remember half of what I did over the year.

The only big event I remember capturing was a wedding up in Maine. I just discovered that while I posted photos of Maine I never posted a photo of the wedding except for my practice fill flash shots (I did post photos to Facebook). I forgot it was only last October that the Red Sox won the World Series (I guess it's getting old now :-). I visited the new Lego Discovery Land, took another senior photo and shot my first family portrait. There were many other places I revisited as well as new sights and you can search through the tumbnail images (top right) if you are interested. And there is always Maya when I need inspiration.

Once again, thank you to my loyal family and friends for "liking" my posts and always encouraging me to continue to get-out-there. Bring on year 8!!

If anyone is interested in looking at the recaps from previous years you can click the links below.

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