JETeye: Seeing Through Pictures- Year Four

Tomorrow marks the 4th anniversary of my relationship with Pixyblog. I find it hard to believe that I will be starting my fifth year of photo blogging!  This year, by far, has felt like my least creative year. Life this past year seemed more hectic and out of balance and I don't think I gave my photography as much focus or enthusiasm as I have in the past (some of it had to do with neck/shoulder pain and being on the computer so, I tried to limit my time on the computer). I was wondering what I'd be able to write for this post thinking there wasn't much to say about what I've done but as I look over all the photos from the past year I realize, while it may not have been as gratifying as past years, I have still managed to learn new skills and visit new places.

I always thought this photo blog was mostly a way to get me to use my camera more and to learn new skills but now I realize that it is also documenting parts of my daily life. I can flip through the thumbnail images on the blog and be reminded of what I've done over the past year (even 4 years). Of course I remembered that my nephew, Josh, graduated this year from high school, but I forgot that it was just last November that I chaperoned his art class to the MFA. With my nephews getting older and everyone busy with their own lives it's hard to get the whole family together at once. However, this was the summer we were all able to take some time and go to Maine for a few days. I now have a few photos to remember this time. It was also the year of my parents' 50th Anniversary and we have a great photo to remember what a wonderful night it was celebrating with them. And of course, this was the year I adopted Maya. I thought I would have had more photos of her on the blog but they would have only been ones of her sleeping as she doesn't sit still when she's awake (she still sleeps beside me on the desk when I'm at the computer :-).

As always, I've learned new things on this yearly journey. This year I joined the Plymouth Photography MeetUp Group. They have challenged me with a scavenger hunt, macro photography and have made me think outside the box when it comes to the use of negative space. I joined them on a journey back to the renaissance at King Richard's Faire and even attended a seminar they sponsored with photographer Bryan Peterson (I have a few of his books). I managed to visit some new places locally (Clark's Island, Weir Farm, Daniel Wester Sanctuary) and further away (St. Augustine's Lighthouse and Jonathan Dickinson's Park, FL). 

So, I guess looking back it wasn't as bad as I had thought. It may not have been as creative/artistic as I had hoped but it's all part of the journey and it shows me where I've been and keeps me on the path moving forward. Of course it's also my family, friends and the photography community that helps keep me going. I truly appreciate everyone's encouragement and support. Here's looking forward to another year of pictures! 

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