JET Eye: Seeing Through Pictures- Year One

Business first: I must give credit to AndreaMosaic which is the software I used to create this image. It's a free download and I really like the results it gave me. So, while I did not actually take this picture, it is made up of all (or most) of the photos I took over the past year.

That's right, today is my one year anniversary on Pixyblog! If you've read my About page you know that I started this blog as a way of motivating myself to use my slr camera. I had been visiting Pixyblog for a few months when I wrote Richard to tell him how much I enjoyed the look and feel of Pixyblog and how I might be interested in joining when it went public. I wasn't expecting to receive an email a couple weeks later offering me a beta membership. Being an introvert, I was a bit hesitant about putting myself "out there." But then I decided to take it as a sign that it was the time for me to step up to the challenge and join the blogging world.

My initial goal was to post an image every Monday-Friday for one month, to see if it was something I'd want to continue. When I reached that goal and realized how much I enjoyed taking photos, along with the positive reaction from family and friends, I decided to really challenge myself and pushed it to an entire year. I'm happy and a bit amazed to announce that I accomplished my goal. That's 5 images a week for 52 weeks (with some days posting more than one image). That's a lot of photos! While some pictures were better than others, they all added up to an amazing year of learning and growth.

Technically, I've learned a great deal about photography. Not only by taking my own images but also by viewing other people's blogs and studying their images and camera settings. It's exciting to know that I have so much more to learn and look forward to the experience. Personally, I've learned a great deal about myself. Since the beginning I have found the written part of this blog to be very challenging. As you can see from this post I'm becoming more comfortable with it! Yes, I could have just posted a title and nothing else but I felt I should add something in about my experience or even just thoughts for that day.

I'd like to thank Richard for the little push I needed to get started. Thank you Mom, for sending emails with corrections to spelling/grammatical errors. Thank you to my family and friends for their encouragement and support. Thank you to everyone who has stopped by my blog whether you posted a comment or just browsed the images. I really appreciate your interest.

One area about blogging that I wasn't very familiar with is the social aspect of community blogs. I've been pleasantly surprised at how much I've enjoyed commenting on other people's blogs and having people I don't know comment on mine. There are a handful of people who I've never met yet look forward to hearing their comments and checking out their blog each day.

Here's hoping for another successful year of photo blogging!

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